Why do make the prototype injection molds? 



There’s no denying that 3D printing have become useful to industrial designers and manufacturers, especially at the earlier operational or appearance stages of your product development.
But later in the process, when alpha, beta or pre-production prototypes are being built, 3D printed parts are not as useful. when injection molded prototypes are much helpful.We make the prototype injection mold under totally same condition as regular mold, such as use the same steels and use the same plastic materials to inject the prototype, So the accuracy of our molded prototype is almost same as the regular injected parts, thus it can help our clients to do the test to check and verify  overal performance index and  production stability before mass production:

1, Verification of the plastic parts design 
2, Verification of the mold design 
3, Verification of the resin flowability 
4, Verification of the Function and the strength of the plastic parts 
5, Verification of overall performance index of the plastic parts 








Meanwhile , The leadtime of the prototype injection molds is much shorter than regular mold , and its cost much cheap too. It is quite big advantage for the customer when they are at development stage . On the other hand, because the accuracy of our prototype injection mold is same with the regular one , it also can help our customer to launch their product to the market quickly to get the feedback from the market.

The lead time in average for the prototype injection molds: 10-15 days 
Do your company also make the regular injection mold ?  




Yes,We do. Besides the prototype injection mold, We also make Regular injection molds, We are expert in the  injection mold for high precision interior structure parts such as the parts using in the automotive, communication equipment and medical instruments , with high precision processing machines and experienced staffs, Proudly we have worked for world famous automotive ,communication equip- ment and medical instrument manufacturer for more than 10 years.


Our Facilities 

We have a professional design team who are are experts in the OEM and ODM manufacturing, with over 20 years of experience producing high-quality products for export. Our shop is well-equipped for mold processing and plastic injection molding. 
Our Expertise
Our mold building services foucs on high precision automotive structural parts and high precision structural parts which used in equipment or instrument of medical and conmmunications industry.
Our strict QC systerm
We have a strict and  highly-efficient mold processing management system, including DFM  meeting procedure, Design Verification & Validation procedure, and QC a management system that will guarantee our high precision mold processing and in-time delivery.
Our Market and our Clients
60% of our molds are made for well-known Japanese automotive, electronic consumer product manufacturers. 40% of our molds are made for the famous midical and conmmunications product manufacturer in Europe and Middle East.
Huawei Product Development Industrial Ltd is your reliable partner in product design,prototype and molds processing.

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Huawei Product Development Industrial Ltd


Prototype Injection Mold
Our Prototype Injection Mold services includes:
Design assistance
Plastic prototype injection mold
Molded prototype making
Small batch injection molding
Injection testing and injection testing report   


Plastic Injection Mold


Our Plastic Injection Mold service includes:

Design assistance
Mold design 
3D Design service
Convert 2D to 3D drawing
Mold Fabrication
Mold shipment by air or by Sea 


Prototype injection molding


Beside the mold building , we also provide our client with plastic injection molding services:

Prototype injection molding 
Regular injection molding
Injection molding for Short, medium and long runs of molded plastic parts